A majority of countries that import commodities utilising wood packaging materials have strict import and quarantine regulations.
International markets that have adopted the global ISPM 15 standard typically will not accept non-certified materials which may result in enforced treatment, disposal or refusal of entry, at the cost to the exporter.

K&S is certified to comply with all international requirements, which have the AWPCS certification mark is an accepted means for demonstrating compliance to limit the spread of wood pests and diseases.

Customers who buy wood packaging materials from K&S Pallets can rest assured of a globally accepted quality.

Wood packaging used in supporting, protecting or carrying a consignment for export includes;

  • Pallets
  • Dunnage
  • Crating
  • Pallet collars
  • Skids

Export an expanding market

With the acquisition of the PDS program and the upgrading of our ISPM15 certification, K&S Pallets are focusing on export markets and have had some success with new export contracts in China. 

Other Asian markets are now being examined as well for potential export opportunities.

Australia’s sustainable timber resources and K&S Pallets’ ability to supply a quality product on time is our advantage in the export market

Our ability to manufacture pallets to export designs, meet all the export certifications and be able to guarantee delivery through our own supply chain puts us in an effective position to meet export orders.