For high quality and durable timber pallets that you can trust, you need to talk to our team at K&S Industries. Manufacturing in excess of 2,000 new pallets per day, we are always striving to have the range of pallets needed to suit all types of businesses. This is done through our state of the art heavy machinery, which manufactures on an automated system to ensure that all our pallets are consistently living up to our top quality and durable standard

Using only high-quality wood in our timber pallets

Sourcing our timber from only sustainable rainforests, we are able to ensure that we are getting the best possible timber without the detriment of the environment.

This control of our raw materials assists us to achieve benefits such as:

  • Quality of the timber produced
  • Reduction in waste products not meeting the pallet requirements
  • An ability to change the output from the sawmill to meet changing client needs related to the size and  design
  • A reduction in inventory costs, as we can produce the product for the pallet making facility on a ‘ just in time basis’.
  • In reality, the whole supply chain can operate more efficiently on a ‘just in time basis’