Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair

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  • The lightest wheelchair in the world!
  • It’s so light, anyone can lift this chair
  • (optional) Pop-off wheels for storage
  • Seat and back cushions for comfort

    Wheelchair Frame Color Grey Frame, Matte Black Frame
    Legrest Swingaway Legrests, Elevating Legrests
    1″ Seat and Back Overlay Grey, Red, Blue


Wheelchair Online

At only 13.5 lbs., the Feather Chair (Formally known as Featherweight Wheelchair®) is the lightest wheelchair on the planet.

Buy Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair Online. Taking advantage of brand-new materials, the Featherweight sets a new standard. Practically everyone can lift this wheelchair into your car, truck or SUV. and is super easy to propel and push.

Transporting the Feather Chair could not be easier. The chair folds down into a compact package. First, fold down the backrest and then pull up on the middle of the seat. Optional, quick-release wheels allow a caregiver to remove the larger, back wheels with the push of the button. Once you arrive at your destination, unfolding and attaching the wheels takes less than a minute. Buy Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair Online.

Standard features include wheel locks – easily accessible by the seated user – at the front of the frame. Wheel locks prevent the wheelchair from rolling forward or backward. For the caregiver, there is an integrated braking system, operated by bicycle style locking brake levers located at the push handles. Buy Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair Online. These handbrakes provide the caregiver control, security, and convenience when descending or pausing on a slope.

This lightweight wheelchair is also available in Heavy Duty Extra Wide Size with 350 lbs weight capacity and 22″ seat width.

Accessorize your Feather Chair with three colorful overlay cushions and a convenient carry bag for travel.

Note: 13.5 lbs. is frame only. Overall weight, with wheels, is 19 lbs. Buy Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair Online.

Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair

The Featherweight comes with a limited warranty and the following coverage:

  • Frame: JYD Imports warranties the frame of its mobility chair under normal use for a period of 1 Year (12 months). JYD Imports will at its sole discretion, repair, replace, any warrantable frame that fails within the warranty period.
  • Wearable Parts: 6 months on all wearable parts including wheels, upholstery, brakes, footrest.

9 reviews for Featherweight 13.5 lbs. Wheelchair

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